Random Things to Remember

This page is meant to be humorous for you, yet utilitarian for me…

The idea for this page came about when, at a birthday dinner for my bestie with friends, my bestie began reading to the table my list named exactly as this page is: random things to remember. I keep this list on my iPhone…

…Why?! Because #confession: I am an event planner with a bad memory. Nevertheless I am productive and effective. How/why?! Because back in middle school I devised a plan, what I now know is an self-created and instituted lifestyle accommodation, to help me be successful without memorizing a thing!

You see I started carrying around these little notebooks that, in high school, my friend Eric affectionately referred to as my bitch pad. Well in these little notebooks I wrote/write down everything.

While I often cannot recall the exact content, I can usually recall exactly where I wrote it, locate it, and then use it to guide my practice. Know that in my fairly recent, yet limited, research I’ve learned that, generally speaking, humans have a tremendous recall for space/locations. …so long as we pay attention as we put or write something down.

Why?! Simply because, back when we were cave people who needed to go out to acquire our food or fire wood or water, our caves did NOT have addresses. Therefore we had to recall, spatially, exactly where those caves were.

That primitive instinct has helped me to keep my job and even work above and beyond the call of duty.


So here’s my list of what I call Random things to Remember. Note this is a truncated list because some of my stuff is for my eyes/memory only. #ForBritishEyesOnly lol


Random things to Remember.


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