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So I literally just became a DJ, for my first time ever, about a week ago. …and I am having the time of my life. You can listen live at or on the TuneIn radio app (search for the BIRN). While I’m training my schedule is all over the place but I’ll eventually have the Mondays, 11am to 1pm time slot.

So I’ve been working on my thing and this is what I’ve come up with so far:

(Note: I am open to all suggestions.)

  • I will begin each show with a different version of my favorite song of all time, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”
  • I keep getting the question, what are you spinning? I’ll be honest, I’m not spinning anything. lol. So far my playlists have been digital although I did get trained on the CD player last time and will be trained on the turntables next time.
  • In terms of what I am playing, right now I’m just playing my personal favs which, as you all very well know, are all over the place. But once my training is over I’m going to go with themed shows (most of the time). You can trust that a “hits from 80′s films” is on the horizon!!
  • I’m also going to post a poll on the SAC Facebook once per month to get folks to suggest and vote on themes and then I’ll run with those. …so long as they are appropriate, within reason, and not too off the wall (no cats singing the songbook of Ja Rule or anything like that).
  • Finally I plan to do a lot of interviews of students who are presenting events sponsored by the SAC, faculty, staff, friends, and family. I have a few folks lined up to come out and cohost a show with me.



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