‘Auld Lang Syne’: Remember Their Names


‘Auld Lang Syne’ – Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, DJ Henry, Renisha McBride, Troy Davis, and on and on and on: you are etched on my soul yesterday, today and each day of my future…

Lot’s of folks know that “Auld Lang Syne” is one of my fav songs. I frequently carry spare copies of the words with me on NYE cause ya’ll just be messing them up…

…speaking of which: GET IT TOGETHER!! ‪#‎geez‬. There really aren’t that many words!! …or find me and grab a copy of the words.‪#‎LuvsIGotYouCovered‬

I digress. I love this song and today, well everyday, it feels appropriate to share along with some info from an ABC News reporter @christinang27 (2012) re: the song’s real origin, purpose, and meaning:

“The title of the Scottish tune translates to ‘times gone by’ and is about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten.

Despite its strong association with New Year’s Eve, ‘Auld Lang Syne,’ written by Robert Burns in the 1700s, was never intended to be a holiday song.”

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