I have to share this story: I just arrived back home from RI. When I was less than a half mile from my home I stopped at a red light alongside a huge black SUV. In the backseat was a little white boy about 13 or so years old. I looked down and I looked up again and he was waving like crazy at me. …so I waved back. He then smiled at me with the brightest smile and huge beautiful eyes. Then he made the sign of a heart. …so I made it back and mimicked his move to throw the heart at me. Once again he beamed. Finally the light changed and we drove off. As I passed the car one more time prior to turning down my street, hence away from the vehicle he was in, he smiled and waved and waved until they were out of sight. I’m not going to lie when I arrived home and parked my car I cried a little bit. How awesome was that? How incredibly precious! I even thought to myself, “Did that really just happen?” …well I can assure you it did. …You know it’s certainly not everyday that happens. And forgive me being sexist here, but rarely do little boys that age care about much anyone let alone a complete stranger. ‪#‎WhatAGift‬ ‪#‎ThankYouYes‬

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